Cartographica 1.2.9

Cartographica 1.2.9 is a bug fix and enhancement release for Cartographica 1.2 and contains a number of bug fixes and a few minor feature additions.

Additional information may be found in the release notes for prior bug releases:

OS Compatibility

Cartographica requires Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or 10.7 (Lion)

Changes since 1.2.8

Feature Enhancements

  • Illustrator Export now uses the Page Setup orientation and page size
  • Support for always showing labels for features (on a style basis)
  • Added resolution controls to Illustrator Export for bitmaps.
  • Added Projection name to exported Illustrator files
  • Added Scale to Illustrator export ( 1 inch, N units, and scale ratio)
  • By default images exported to Illustrator do not contain bitmaps that expand outside of the visible page. The old "flood" method can be restored by using the new option in the export window.

User Interface Changes

  • Emoji characters now rendered as symbols instead of leaving a blank
  • Illustrator Export's scale now uses CM or Inches based on the prevailing language/locale settings

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed bug which could result in labels not drawing in certain fonts and sizes
  • Fixed KML export bug which could result in problems with Google Fusion Tables
  • Fixed bug in KML export of polygons with holes so that they are now appropriately represented
  • Fixed a bug which could cause polygons with holes to be exported to GML as multipolygons
  • Fixed a bug which caused NFR keys not to work when entered under most circumstances.
  • Fixed bug where licensing window could be brought up while it was already up.
  • Use internal ODBC so that MDB import and odbc calls work for 10.8
  • Fixed bug in GCP and Geotransform handling which caused non-US number formats to be interpreted incorrectly (specifically ',' as a decimal was being taken as the end of the number)

Known issues

Version 1.2.9 has the following known issues:

  • WFS access is read only. No changes are saved to the server.
  • WFS client retrieves too much data in some queries.
  • WFS client requests data in WGS84 (CRS84).



Internal Help

Cartographica has the full manual presented as built-in help from the Help menu.


The most recent documentation is now available online Cartographica Documentation

Versions are also available in PDF format:

And in ePub format (for readers like Apple Books):

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