Cartographica 1.2.1

Cartographica 1.2.1 is a bug fix and enhancement release for Cartographica 1.2 and contains a number of bug fixes and a few minor feature additions.

Highlights of this new release include a number of important bug fixes and the following features:

  • Completely rewritten help system. We're continuing to improve this, but this version is much better and covers a lot more ground than previous versions
  • Substantially improved style distribution system, including quartile, quintile, Jenks, equal area, equal count, and equal interval distributions
  • Buffering has been enhanced to allow "inside" buffers by using a negative number instead of a positive one for the distance
  • Improvements to the WFS layers for compatibility with more servers, and better workflow for using servers with certain limitations
  • Split Selected Features command added to split a multi-part feature into its component parts
  • Simplify Selected Features command added to geometrically simplify features (useful to reduce the size of exported data for formats like KML)
  • New disk image layout which includes the Application folder link and instructions to drag the Application to that folder
  • Performance improvements (thanks to those of you who allow telemetry information to be sent for letting us see where these issues have the most impact)
  • New export options for KML export including the ability to set how altitude is interpreted and whether the KML is pretty-printed (doing this substantially increases memory and disk use)
  • Geocode Selection now available by holding down the shift key while using the Tool menu

OS Compatibility

Cartographica 1.2 and greater require Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or higher.

Changes since 1.2

New Features

  • Added KML options to set altitude type and pretty-printing of KML
  • Added equal area distribution
  • Added equal count distribution
  • Added equal interval distribution
  • Added explicit quartile and quintile distributions
  • Added unique value distribution
  • Clicking on legend item now selects all elements of that particular style
  • Added limits on outstanding queries for WMS (to deal with servers that have limitations on same)
  • WFS data is now merged as it comes in
  • Added command to refresh visible data for selected or all visible layers (mostly for WFS applications)
  • Added Select Similar command for selecting all objects with the same classification/style
  • Added Simplify Selected Features command to simplify the geometry of existing features in the layer or in a new layer
  • Added support for changing the style of the table in style set editors
  • Automatically updates statistics on the layer in the Style Set window if the layer's data changes (such as added or removed features)
  • Major help overhaul, now tracking the in-process manual
  • Added support for breaking apart multi-band rasters (good for situations where the file format disagrees with your knowledge about the data)
  • Added bearing to measurements box
  • Added Split Selected Features which splits a multi-part feature into its component parts

Feature Enhancements

  • Added support for "inside" buffers. To create a buffer that goes inside of a feature, use a negative number.
  • Geocode Selection now available by holding down the shift key while using the Tool menu
  • Performance: Polygon centroid, area, and polygon/line length are now calculations faster.
  • Performance: Substantial performance enhancement when working with Date fields with styles
  • Performance: Reduced unnecessary early retrieval of additional WMS imagery
  • Performance: Enhanced speed in Jenks distribution
  • Performance: Increased projection speed by parallelizing some projection operations
  • WMS Tile layers are now more resilient to slow or throttled servers auto-throttling them as much as plausible
  • Moved Picture column info into individual styles, so that each style can specify a picture or not
  • Improved palette editing (cut,copy,paste,delete now work on individual colors)
  • Re-ordered priority of WFS file formats to prefer PNG, then JPEG, then GIF, then TIFF
  • Updated EPSG definitions
  • WFS now detects illegal duplicate feature id's and tosses them (might cause problems with some poorly behaving servers)
  • Now makes better layer names for Raster layers loaded in from files with multiple rasters (such as USDA data with RGB and IR data)
  • Merge Raster Layers now tries to come up with a better name when combining layers
  • Image resolution settings are now retained on a per-document basis
  • Exported strings are now trimmed to the specified field length
  • Added support for generic declaration of GML "GeometryPropertyType" in cases where a more specific geometry isn't declared
  • Added support for older GML featureMember class (used by some WFS servers prior to 1.2). Previously, we only supported featureMembers arrays
  • Added Synchronize with Map to Legend menu
  • Buffers that result in islands or holes now work correctly
  • Added descriptive data for interoperation with Avenza MAPublisher
  • Map Data exported to file types with UnspecifiedCRS will be exported in the Map Projection instead of individual layer projections (Note: does not affect Layer exports, which will be exported in the layer's projection)
  • Scripting: Added the ability to retrieve the current style for a given Feature via AppleScript
  • Writing a layer as an image now appends the extension appropriately
  • Writing a layer as an image now gives more thorough explanation of any errors encountered.

User Interface Changes

  • Changed Geotransform tab to be named geotransform instead of georeference as it is more accurate.
  • Raster layers now preview using a scaled-down version of themselves
  • Added features are now selected after they are added
  • Disabled inappropriate distribution methods
  • "Entities/Entity" changed to "Features/Feature" in AppleScript dictionary. NOTE: this should have no effect on compiled scripts as the code has not changed, but the text versions of scripts will now use the terminology used throughout the software.
  • Undo while the style set controller is visible now appropriately updates the label field if the label changes due to an undo
  • Picture Column is now only enabled if the feature can display symbols/pictures
  • Computed columns now warn about output type conflicts
  • Allow changing styles to having no "Based on" field, so that you can toggle all styles to the default temporarily.
  • New Disk image layout
  • WFS layers now default to visible on load
  • Added keyboard selection support to color palettes
  • Choose better default colors for WFS
  • Fixed menu enabling for Geocoding menu commands
  • Restore ordering menu to Legend in map layout
  • The buffer command is no longer available if an empty layer is selected
  • WMS Live maps now take their server name and "Live" as their layer name instead of "New Layer"

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed bug which caused the wrong Georeferencing tab to come up at the start of editing a georeference
  • Fixed very rare crashing bug in Export To Web when an invalid polygon was used to generate an image area
  • Fixed very rare crashing bug in editing GCPs/GeoTransforms
  • Prevent the creation of WMS servers with empty URLs or names
  • Fixed bug that could cause preference corruption or crash when changing the export file format on a mapset that has already been exported in another format.
  • Fixed situations in Splitting and Merging features where the resultant features were not selected after the operation
  • Fixed typo in vector editing help pop-up
  • Fixed very rare crashing bug when labeling polygons
  • Key expiration warnings are now reset by entering a new key
  • Fixed bug which caused string values to appear backwards in the minimum and maximum columns
  • Fixed bug which would cause points exported to Illustrator to have their strokes too wide
  • Fixed bug which would throw an exception when using Jenks distribution across Date fields
  • Fixed bug which caused Adobe Illustrator files to be output in the wrong order
  • Fixed bug which caused Adobe Illustrator files to be output with no artboard
  • Fixed a bug which would force Cartographica not to overlay two WMS layers that are both fixed and have identical bounding boxes. Now the bounding box test is more accurate for this circumstance.
  • Bounding Box visibility is now correctly saved and copied
  • Fixed bug which would cause a crash when deleting a WMS server from the WMS Server list if that server responds slower than the user clicks on the (-) button
  • Fixed crash that occurred when selecting Undo after canceling from adding a feature
  • Fixed exception and possible crash when double-clicking on a live layer
  • Fixed exception in raster layers when removing objects
  • Fixed a bug which could cause inconsistent display in the Style Set window when working with multiple selections and changing the label
  • Fixed a problem with the Trim Map command that would result in extremely long message window about empty layers. Now, if there are more than 5, it gives the number and the first 5 layer names.
  • Fixed bug that could cause WMS servers not to respond if we didn't send the service information in the URL
  • Fixed bug where a Jenks distribution would result in what appeared to be overlapping ranges (they actually are not overlapping, the system was matching the first match).
  • Fixed bug which would choose bad points when sub-sampling for Jenks if there were more classifications than the subsample
  • Fixed bug when importing images that are RGBA or multi-spectral RGB+x that resulted in layers being loaded incorrectly
  • Fixed bug which could cause a silent failure when exporting fields of a mismatched type to one of the GDAL formats.
  • Fixed bug in handling of srsDimensions for GML data with altitude information
  • Fixed bug that caused cursor not to appropriately update when the map view was in focus (visible by blue outline)
  • Fixed bug which would result in odd color presentation when color palettes had semi-opaque colors
  • Fixed very rare crashing bug caused by image warping with an image that was too small
  • Fixed crashing bug in projection of "bad" points that would only result on layers with more than 250 features
  • Fixed creating layers from selection when originating layer is from a WFS Server
  • Fixed internal exception when changing projections under some circumstances
  • Fixed problem where pop-ups didn't show up until after the mouse was moved if user pressed the option key.
  • Fixed bug in displaying the default style title in style lists
  • Fixed bug in sorting style lists
  • Fixed bug which could cause a crash when working with (especially loading) multiple layers, each of which have formula columns
  • Added additional check to avoid crash on badly formatted new column names
  • Fixed erratic ordering changes
  • Fixed bug importing tabular data where the import would silently abort when extraneous characters or fields appeared in a line of data.
  • Fixed bug that would cause tiled layers to not update the leftmost row or topmost row of tiles under some circumstances
  • Fixed bug where toolbar changes were not saved
  • Fixed bug which could cause a crash when redrawing certain elements when timing was just wrong and the base coordinate systems including datum translations
  • Fixed bug which could cause a freeze of the program when adding certain layers or making massive changes to projections
  • Fixed bug which could cause crash when using Tiled layers (Bing, OSM, WMS)
  • Fixed bug which could cause improper zooming under some circumstances
  • Fixed bug which could leave newly-adjusted raster layer invisible when editing Georeference
  • Fixed bug which could result in the palettes taking the "wrong way" around from red to blue
  • Fixed bug which would cause crash when undo is used after the label for a style is changed and style window is closed
  • Fixed bug which would happen when zooming to extreme levels after editing and/or selecting at much lower zoom level
  • Fixed crash that would occur when distributing exactly N items across N styles in the Distribute button
  • Fixed crashing bug when drawing layers with a picture label (not the symbol) set to a path when more than one feature uses the same picture
  • Fixed crashing bug when using WMS layers if the layer is disposed of (window closed) before the initial connection fails
  • Fixed enabling of paste and duplicate in palette window
  • Fixed exception (non-fatal) in Map Set saving when a custom page size was selected along with other print options
  • Fixed exception (potentially fatal) in Map Layout saving when a custom page size was selected along with other print options
  • Fixed extremely rare crash which would occur when deselecting a point in feature edit mode while drawing is going on in multiple threads
  • Fixed memory leaks in tiled map layers
  • Fixed problems that would occur in positive buffers causing some straight lines and loops
  • Fixed undo text in the palette list window

Known issues

Version 1.2.1 has the following known issues:

  • WFS access is read only. No changes are saved to the server.
  • WFS client retrieves too much data in some queries.



Internal Help

Cartographica has the full manual presented as built-in help from the Help menu.


The most recent documentation is now available online Cartographica Documentation

Versions are also available in PDF format:

And in ePub format (for readers like Apple Books):

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