Subscription Renewal

To renew your subscription, please provide your license code from your original purchase and we will redirect you to a subscription renewal form.

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If you already have a key, then please proceed to the Cartographica download page.

Release Notes

Cartographica 1.6.2
Cartographica 1.5.5
Cartographica 1.4.9
Cartographica 1.2.10

Lost Your Key?

If you have already requested a key and have not received it, or have lost it, please use our lost key form. A key access message will be sent to your email address from keymanager at, so if you are using aggressive spam protection, you should add that email address to your list of allowed senders.


If you have any other problems, or do not receive your key access message within a reasonable period of time, please contact us through our support page.

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