Cartographica 1.6.1

Cartographica 1.6.1 is a bug fix and enhancement release for Cartographica 1.6 and contains a number of bug fixes and a few minor feature additions.

OS Compatibility

Cartographica 1.6.1 requires Catalina or newer (10.15.7+, 11.6+, or 12.7+) in order to function correctly.

Changes since 1.6

New Features

Feature Enhancements

  • Substantial performance improvements for Overlay Operations when there are multiple CRS involved (map or layer).
  • Trim Layer is now done on multiple threads providing notable performance improvements
  • Trim Map methods now provide status and allow cancel
  • Updated GDAL to 3.5.2 [#21]
  • Updated spatialite to 5.0.1
  • Updated proj to 9.1.0
  • Updated hdf5 to 1.10.9
  • Updated netcdf to 4.9.0
  • Updated ODBC to 3.52.15 [#2299]

User Interface Changes

Bugs Fixed

  • fix: bug where pre-1.6 keys were not enforced under all circumstances [#2295]
  • fix: out-of-date key message is now more actionable [#2296]
  • fix: import of KDM layers could result in an exception (as could loading older Mapsets containing any Analysis layer [#2297]
  • fix: bug where georeference information lost when TIFF + TWF saved internally [#741]
  • fix: in rare occurrences Exception could be thrown loading PrintInfo [#2290]

Documentation Changes

  • Minor updates


Future Compatibility

Beginning with version 1.6 and above of Cartographica, we expect to be increasing requirements on a more regular basis. Versions 1.6.x will be supported under macOS 10.15.x, 11.x, 12.x, and 13.x. Versions 1.7+ will lose support for 10.15.x and possibly 11.x, depending on testing.


Internal Help

Cartographica has the full manual presented as built-in help from the Help menu.


The most recent documentation is now available online Cartographica Documentation

Versions are also available in PDF format:

And in ePub format (for readers like Apple Books):

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