Cartographica End of Sale/Support

ClueTrust has announced the end-of-sale date of Cartographica as July 31, 2023 and the end-of-support date as December 31, 2023. For more information, please view our Sunsetting Cartographica blog post.

Additionally, CartoMobile has been removed from sale. For more information, please view our Sunsetting CartoMobile blog post.

Cartographica: Apple Silicon native and more

ClueTrust is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Cartographica 1.6, the GIS for Macintosh. With support for Apple Silicon processors and significant upgrades under the hood, Cartographica 1.6 is ready for the future of macOS and your GIS needs. Enjoy improved file import and export, up-to-date projection management, all with the best performance on every Mac! We also have detailed Release Notes on the changes in 1.6 and check out our revised Features page to find out what's new.

Introducing more affordable subscription pricing

Cartographica is now available as a subscription, for those with shorter-term projects or who don't want to pay the price for the perpetual license. Details on our blog. Or purchase a perpetual license and choose annual maintenance to keep up-to-date.

About Cartographica

Cartographica is designed for people who need to work with geospatial data to create maps, analyze data, convert between formats, and discover new information about your data and the world in which it exists. As such, we have emphasized easy importation, exploration, analysis, and output in the design of Cartographica and hope that you find it powerful, yet fun to use and easy to explore.

Take a Tour of Cartographica

View Screencasts Learn how to take advantage of Cartographica's features. The screencasts are in QuickTime format and are viewable on desktop as well as iOS devices.

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Cartographica has a rich feature set:

  • Support for a huge number of import and export formats, including popular Raster formats
  • Manual editing and georeferencing
  • Automatic geocoding
  • Integration with online mapping
  • Sophisticated Analysis Tools
  • View all features

Stay Up-To-Date

System Requirements

  • 12.7+, 13.6+, 14.0+ (Recommended)
    macOS 11.7 (Minimum)
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 2GB of Storage
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