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Download Cartographica 1.4

The latest version of Cartographica should begin downloading immediately. If the download does not begin in the next 10 seconds, please click on the download link.

If you have downloaded Cartographica, but don't yet have a key, please go to our preview page and get yours today.

Version 1.4 Downloads:

Cartographica versions 1.4 and higher require OS X 10.7.5 (Lion) or better.

Cartographica 1.2 (10.6.8+ : Intel 32/64 bit)

If you need to run Cartographica on a Macintosh running version 10.6.8, please download the latest 1.2 release. 1.2 versions will be supported until May 2013 for bug fixes only.

Version 1.2 Downloads:

Cartographica 1.1 Versions (10.5.3+ : PowerPC)

If you need to run Cartographica on a PowerPC Macintosh using Leopard (10.5.3 or higher), please download Version 1.1.4 from this page. This version is unsupported and has not received recent bug fixes.